Wren Kitchens highlight Summer and Autumn kitchen trends for 2022

Wren Kitchens highlight Summer and Autumn kitchen trends for 2022

With the start of the Autumn season approaching, Wren Kitchens has analysed Pinterest data to reveal the most popular trends of the summer before predicting what will be popular going into autumn.

To help those looking for inspiration for their new kitchens, or for those just wanting to keep up with the latest trends, the study analysed 2022 kitchen interior images on Pinterest to understand the common features people are looking to style their kitchens with next year.

Below you’ll find creative inspiration on the most popular kitchen trends of the season and the upcoming season, along with comments from Darren Watts, Design Director at Wren Kitchens.

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Popular Summer Trends:

1. Brass Hardware

Brass hardware have been a popular kitchen feature over the summer season. They are a great way to bring some warmth to white and grey cabinets and work with many different design styles.

Wren Kitchens Brass Hardware

Darren adds, “Brass hardware is a great colour option as it compliments many different kitchens colour schemes from the dark greens and blues to white and grey. Hardware in any form of brass, from vintage to polished, adds a touch of elegance to every kitchen.”

2. ‘Barbiecore’ trend

The ‘Barbiecore’ trend has been an emerging trend in the recent summer months. The arrival of warmer days has brought the desire to embrace with bright colours and bold patterns. It’s perfect for those who want are nostalgic and want to stand out.

Wren Kitchens Barbiecore

“The addition of some pink tones in your kitchen will add something extra. The bright colours can completely transform the space, creating a fun yet sophisticated atmosphere” says Darren.

3. Integrated kitchen islands

Kitchen islands with integrated seating have remained a key trend over the summer months and will continue to over the autumn season. The flexibility and versatility that they bring makes them a timeless addition to any kitchen.

Wren Kitchens Integrated Kitchen Island

Commenting on islands as a trend, Darren says, “Kitchen Islands have been a popular desired feature in kitchens for some time now. Making it no surprise that they have continued to remain popular over the recent summer months. The integrated seating, however, brings an added layer of sophistication to the space, perfect for hosting and spending quality time with your loved ones.”

Incoming Autumn Trends:

1. Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a popular feature in kitchens which never seems to go out of style. Not only does it add an extra intriguing textural aspect to your kitchen, but it also compliments with a variety of different colour schemes from whites and neutral colours to darks.

Exposed Brick Kitchen

“Exposed brick brings a sense of rustic charm to your kitchen. Not only that but it is a timeless feature which adds charisma. Making it unsurprising that it will be trending in the upcoming autumn season.”

2. Green and blue tones

Green and blue tones will also be trending colours this autumn. They add a contemporary touch to your kitchen and often evoke a sense of calmness.

Blue and green tone kitchen

“Greens and blues create a peaceful and relaxed environment for the home. If you want to have fun with colour, these tones are the perfect option”

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