Wren Kitchens 2021 Spring Trends

Wren Kitchens 2021 Spring Trends

Check out Wren Kitchens 2021 Spring trends set to take spring by storm below.


As spring takes over on the 20th of March, many of us will be coming out of our long winter hibernation to embrace a little more colour and light in our lives.

If you’re feeling more energetic and vibrant, why not match your surroundings to your mood? For some creative inspiration, the designers at Wren Kitchens have offered their expert insights into the Spring kitchen trends for 2021.

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Inject character into your kitchen with pastel splashes

Get ready to inject bright, seasonal shades and splashes of colour into your kitchen scene. When used correctly, vibrant colours can offer another dimension to your kitchen and really help it pop.

Striking pastels will be particularly prominent this spring, implemented through subtle features and small appliances, and positioned as a powerful statement against a simple, minimalist backdrop.

No matter how you choose to use colour in your kitchen, take care not to overwhelm. Use colour to liven up your space, without diluting your core colour scheme.

Make your kitchen a monochrome masterclass

Treat your kitchen to a monochromatic makeover this spring by incorporating deep darks and blacks, crisp whites, and timeless greys into your layout.

You can achieve classic elegance in your kitchen through two-tone designs, with bold dark cabinetry sitting smartly against contrasting clean white walls and marbled surfaces.

The beauty of monochrome is the choice of shades across the entire colour’s spectrum, allowing you to blend tones without steering from your chosen scheme.

The age of the kitchen island

Kitchen islands never go out of style. Forming an impressive, statement centrepiece in any kitchen, they offer various practical uses and look great.

Suited to a wide array of styles, design your kitchen island to complement your chosen layout, whether it be classic or contemporary. Flexible and practical, islands don’t look out of place in any space.

Enjoy the benefits of sleek sophistication

Style a kitchen that oozes sophistication through seamless cabinetry, integrated appliances, and surfaces that emanate smooth luxury.

Choose modern appliances for your walls and surfaces and hide storage behind handle-free displays that provide a pristine.

Indulge in metallic features

A design feature that suits all tastes, styles, and layouts, incorporating metallic accents into your kitchen is often the easiest and most effective way of introducing statement elements that offer timeless elegance.

A charming copper finish, from piping, lighting, and vintage cookware, works a treat in a traditional space, while silvery touches can go a long way towards taking your luxurious modern kitchen up a notch.

Alternatively, if working around a limited layout, you can deliver character through surface-top accessories, subtle light fixtures, and cabinet handles, for a sophisticated feel that doesn’t overdo it.

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