summer essentialsThe sun is out and it is (hopefully!) here to stay! Whether you’re jetting off somewhere hot, going for a sunny city break or simply want to spend some time catching the rays in the garden, make sure you head to Retail World for all of your summertime essentials.

Skincare Essentials

No matter where you’re heading, make sure you keep your skin safe with a good suncream. Boots have a fantastic range of skincare essentials to suit every budget so pop in today and pick up a bottle or two. With specially designed long-lasting suncream for the kids (or grown up kids too) you can rest assured they will be safe while laying out in the sun. Pop into B&M too if you want to try and find a skincare bargain! While you’re in Boots and B&M, you can also pick up travel essentials like adaptor plugs and insect repellent. Just don’t forget the after sun just in case something does happen and you get burned – trust us, you’ll be thankful!

Summer Wardrobe

There’s no better excuse to add some new pieces to your wardrobe than some hot summer weather – you can never have enough summer clothes after all! Browse clothing, swimwear, footwear and accessories at one of our fantastic clothing retailers including New Look, TK Maxx and GAP! Don’t forget to also head over to our Offers page to see if you can also pick up a great deal!

Garden Fun

Even if you are going on holiday (and if you’re not, why not pop into Tui on your way around the retail park?), you’ll inevitably end up spending lots of time in your garden during the hotter months. Pop into Poundland and B&M for some affordable garden solutions that won’t break the bank. Whether you fancy ripping down the shed and buying a whole new one, or simply want to add some more planter pots on the patio, Retail World can help you make your garden look a little tidier for sunbathing season!

There are also a variety of outdoor games to keep the kids occupied – with everything from trampolines ti outdoor ball games, there’s bound to be something that’ll keep them entertained for a while!

Assorted Bulb Mix
Available at Poundland

Topiary Ball With Lavender
Available at Poundland