Halloween craft ideas from Hobbycraft

Halloween craft ideas from Hobbycraft

October brings Halloween, and the Hobbycraft team have thought of a host of ideas to keep everyone busy and help decorate your home, school or place of work ready for the 31st. What’s even better is that all of the required materials can be found at your Hobbycraft store at Retail World.

Discover a whole host of crafting ideas, designed for makers of all skill levels. From kids’ craft projects to home décor, you’ll find plenty of unique ways to add handmade, personalised touches to every corner of your life this Halloween. See below for just a few ideas.

How to Make a Halloween Village

Get crafty this Halloween with our spooky project using craft tubes and recycled juice cartons.

Ideal for making with your little ones during the half term, you’ll be able to display your finished Halloween village as the perfect finishing touch for your seasonal window display!

How to Make Halloween Milk Bottle Lanterns

These milk bottle lanterns are a fantastic way to decorate your home in time for Halloween! Made with empty plastic milk bottles, they’re quick to make, super thrifty and will make the outside of your home all the more inviting for any little monsters who may like to pay a visit!

Using a few basic crafting supplies, this quick and easy guide will show you three different spooky Halloween designs that are fun to make and enjoy with your little ones!

How to Face Paint a Witch

If you’re looking to transform your little one into a wickedly wonderful witch for Halloween, this face painting project is ideal for you! Quick and easy to do, you’ll be able to create this look with just a few Snazaroo face painting supplies.

Complete the look with a classic witches’ hat to get your little witch ready for a magical evening of casting spells!

How to make Gingerbread Mummies

Create these spooky gingerbread mummies and wow your guests this Halloween! They’re perfect for adults and little ones to enjoy…

This project is so easy to make and looks very impressive. They make great party favours and look amazing on display at Halloween parties!

For all of these ideas and many more visit the Hobbycraft ideas page, and don’t forget all of the materials can be found at Retail World Hobbycraft.