Deck the Kitchen with Wren Kitchens

Deck the Kitchen with Wren Kitchens

Deck the kitchen….. Interior design expert reveals top tips on how to turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland whilst staying on trend!

  • Wren Kitchens has collaborated with interior design expert and influencer, @my_renovating_diary, to share their top tips on introducing a Christmas theme into your kitchen.
  • The search term ‘Decorating kitchen for Christmas’ has seen a 21% increase in search volume year on year.
  • From table decorations to bringing the outside in, Wren Kitchens reveals their top tips to keep your kitchen on top of this emerging trend.

Its finally here, the ‘most wonderful time of year’ has snuck up on us once again, as households start to deck their halls, stairs, living areas and kitchens with decorations in preparation for Christmas hosting.

From baking cookies and basting the turkey all the way to mulled wine warming over the stove, there’s no denying that the kitchen is an integral part of hosting Christmas – and one which needs to be decorated with as much attention as the rest of the home.

With 2022 the year when Christmas hosting returns to normal, there is no wonder that searches for ‘Decorating kitchen for Christmas’ has seen a 21% increase in search volume year on year1.

To help your kitchen stay on trend this year, Wren Kitchens have collaborated with interior design expert and influencer, @my_renovating_diary, to share their top tips on how to introduce a Christmas theme into your kitchen.

How to decorate your kitchen this Christmas, whilst staying on trend

1.       Add some festive greenery

Bringing the outside in fits in perfectly with the Christmas theme and will likely boost the mood of anyone who steps into the room.

A large centrepiece stone vase on your kitchen island filled with a mass of green winter foliage, white berries, and eucalyptus leaves is perfect for this. And if you don’t have a kitchen island, then an open spot on your worktops or around the room can work just as well.

2.       Decorate your open shelves

Making the most of open shelves (should you have them) can really make a kitchen feel festive! Try a blended aesthetic offered by garlands of faux-eucalyptus, frosted pinecones, and white berries, with your shelves bookended by miniature lit Christmas trees and Nordic houses.

Of course, you can introduce any colour scheme you want into your decorations, and the way you decorate your shelves should fit with your personal taste

3.      Change your rugs and cushions

It’s not only your work surfaces that can be decorated this Christmas – why not try and change any cushions, rugs, and sofas you have in and around your kitchen too.

Red and white are the classic colours of winter, so why choose anything else? Change your rugs out for festively suitable alternatives and replace the covers on your cushions with those offering a seasonal blend.

4.      Don’t forget the table decorations

Table decorations are almost as important as the Christmas tree itself, so try mixing oranges decorated with cloves with recycled baubles inside a Christmas-styled ball. You get a colourful display that can easily be moved when needed. And for an added touch, why not throw in some decorative figs?

5.      Make your lights festive

Kitchen lights can already make your home feel warm and welcoming to gu ests, which is exactly what you want at Christmas time, so don’t forget to include them in your decorating plan.

Try adding a couple of faux-mistletoe sprigs and white berries to any hanging lights in your kitchen. And if you’re lights are built into the roof, then why not try these sprigs to the handles of your wall cabinets or the structs of your racks and shelving units?

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