Bake Off is back on the telly which means one thing – we’re all getting some serious urges to bake! For all of the experienced bakers out there, rise to the occasion by recreating technical challenges, proving all of those ‘I can do that’ moments weren’t all talk! If you’re more of a beginner baker (or prone to making anything that looks like the cakes on An Extra Slice), a Victoria sponge may be sufficient enough to wow your family and friends. Make sure you grab all of the kit you need from Retail World, so you can bake something that tickles your fondant fancy!

For all of the baking basics you could possibly need, head to B&M. They stock everything from Pyrex roasting tins (perfect for cooking brownies in) to greaseproof paper, all at a fantastic price. You could also pick up a piping bag if you’re feeling brave – piping can’t be as hard as everyone makes out to be, can it?!

For the more advanced baker who wants to show off their cake decorating skills (some of us are simply happy with a Victoria sponge!), Hobbycraft stock a variety of cake decorations guaranteed to wow your friends and family. With a dedicated ‘kids baking’ section, you can let the kids have fun and get involved too.

However, if all of your baking efforts fail, don’t give up! Pick up a little something from M&S Food (we’ve got our eyes on the rainbow layers cake). You may want to be efficient and order a cake in, to avoid the baking disaster all together! Don’t forget – you can always claim you made it yourself (your guests may not believe you, but it’s worth a shot)!